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Win a little cash prize while staying home, staying safe, and sharing your art with other on how to prevent Corona virus.

*How To Enter: Make a drawing or painting, draw a cartoon or comic strip; take a photograph; write a poem or a short story; design a poster or create an animation; etc, that sensitizes other children on what you are doing at home that they could emulate in order to prevent corona virus.

Give your art a title, add your name, your age the city or town you live in and then submit your entry through the whatsApp  link below:

The best entries will be shared with thousands of people through social media by BFIKBK, and you win a cash prize of N2,000 for your creativity.

Who Can Enter? Children between 5 years and 16 years any where in Africa.

Send your entries to Beautiful Feet International Kreativ Brainz Klub (BFI-KBK) through this WhatsApp group link: