March 21, 2020 TPP Writes BFI WinS Project Coordinator over Success of Supported Project

TPP Writes BFI WinS Project Coordinator over Success of Supported Project

TPP Writes BFI WinS Project Coordinator over Success of Supported Project

Dear Francis,

I am writing to let you know that we have received and read the final report for your grant. I want to thank you for being a part of The Pollination Project grantee family. Being able to stand beside you while you have done this work has been a wonderful experience for us. We have witnessed your dedication to making change in the world, and we are proud to have been able to support you.

As you have successfully come to realize, solving one issue implies solving many others at the same time. That children are prone to waterborne disease is a complex situation, but it is not impossible to tackle. We wish you luck as you begin to ponder the strategy to collaborate with the adults and leaders of the communities to help the children avoid such illness.

While your grant is now complete, we do hope that you will continue to keep us updated on your work; we look forward to seeing you and your project continue to grow and make lasting impacts throughout your community, and possibly even beyond! We would also love to continue to hear any updates that you may have regarding your project or other personal accomplishments. Our grantee Facebook page has become a way for all of our grantees to network and share ideas and upcoming projects. We think it is a great way to bring together our global community of changemakers, so please do continue to post in this group!

Once again, thank you so much for the work that you have done so far, and for everything that is still to come. We look forward to witnessing you continuing to #SeedTheChange!

On behalf of The Pollination Project team,

Selene González-Carrillo

The Pollination Project

The above email dated 28th December, 2016,, came in response to the final report submitted to The Pollination Project (TPP), USA, by the BFI team leader, Francis UmenduOdupute, on one of BFI’s ‘Securing the Future’ youth engagement initiates, the WASH@Schools Project, (now renamed WASH in School (WinS) project).

In October, 2015, TPP donated a seed grant to Francis Odupute and his team of media experts to engage with schoolchildren in local communities in Edo State where WASH need was the most, and to distribute educational comic books and other info-graphics for free. The project which was promoted by TPP through this web link: off at the Evbuotubu Primary School, in Evbuotubu, a flood prone community in Egor Local Government Area of Edo State, Nigeria.

WASH Education: Why Adults must be carried along:

All these things…we teach the children o, but when they get home their parents teach them different things; …the society also teach them another thing altogether. You see, I pity children –they are confused. They don’t know which one to believe, they don’t know what is truly right or wrong…”

The above comment by a female teacher at Evbuotubu Primary School in Benin City, and other suggestions by some adults in the course of the ongoing BFI WinS project inspired the BFI Health and wellness outreach team, led by BFI president, Francis Umendu Odupute, to consider publishing and distributing for public education a quarterly graphic bulletin on health and wellness entitled “HEALTHWISE” as part of its planned adults and communities engagement in the fight to improving WASH culture in Nigeria and other parts of Africa in the context of securing the future health-wise.

The inclusion of “Health Wise” and/or “MeWASH” info-graphics into the BFI WinS project is targeted at audaciously deploying graphic humour for impactful public education and enlightenment on vital environmental, sanitation, water and hygiene issue, especially among adult African population, who primarily influence children’s opinions, beliefs, attitudes and actions in most things as role models. Hence it has been strongly argued by some teachers and other stakeholders that efforts at engaging children/youths in sustainable WASH experiences/actions cannot succeed without deliberate and sustained efforts to interface with adults and educate them at the home fronts, at PTA meetings and or community/small groups meetings, etc.

The planned quarterly “Health Wise” and/or “MeWASH” graphic bulletins will be made available to the public for free both in print copies as well as virtual copies for free downloads worldwide at:;; and other media platforms.

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